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This is Jinwuk Seok’s Blog. This blog mainly deals with the mathematical issues for estimation theory, machine learning and video processing. Additionally, various programming issues related to the articles above mentioned, such as python programming (instead of matlab), server setting, video processing platform (for example, ffmpeg, video codec and MPEG standarization..) are also described.


Most of the articles are written in English. However, some articles such as programming issues are written in Korean, since the solution of the issues dealt with in my blog exists in other web pages. Even though in some articles, it is mainly written in English, you can find some paragraph is written in Korean. Well, when you meet this case, please use a web translating solution such as the google translator. Please give me a comment in the bottom of each page, when you have some question about an issue. I think it is a better way rather than giving an email to me since when you give a comment, I can notice it as fast as I can.

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  - Differential Geometry
  - Differential Forms 
  - Theories
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